Friday, March 15, 2013

Sad day for people who can concentrate for more than 2 minutes

Its a sad day today. Google Reader have been terminated!

In the newest spring cleaning from Google, Google is shutting down Google Reader along side a lot of other stuff. I am not to say wether this is good business or not  as seen from Googles point of view. But from my point of view, its a sad day.

I have been using Google Reader for more than 6 years and have grown accustomed to its simplicity, easy navigation and general ease of use. These characteristics are, in my opinion  not to be found any where else in any RSS reader, hence a sad day.

The main thesis out in webland is that most people now a days use social media for keeping track of news and therefor there is no use for Google Reader/RSS anymore. That might be right for day to day news, "Elephant ate my baby" kind of stuff, but to me and a lot of others, there a re simply to much stuff I need to keep my eye on and social media is simply going by to fast and to shallow. I need a place where everything is aggregated and stays there until I have decided that it should not any more. Social media today simply does not do this very efficient today. Most social media today is like a flashing bilbard on Time Square, things flashing by to feed people in a hurry and people who cannot concentrate for more that 2 minuts at the time. My guess is that most people disagree with me on that point, but from where I am sitting this is the truth.

Enough ranting on social media for now. The bottom line is that I will be missing my faithful companion Google Reader. Hopefully I will find a new friend that will support me in my daily work and help me stay up to date.

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