Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy camper qwerty-keyboard in danish

Finally I got a danish keyboard on my HTC Magic.

I bought my Magic a few month ago and I must say "I love it" (quote Ole H.) But since day 1 a danish qwerty-keyboard has been missing. About a month ago a lost my patients with HTC and unlocked my phone and installed a modded version of Android 1.6. I too want the new features. Btw. the Tattoo and Hero are ugly, so no I will not buy one of them. Well back to the original subject. My new and improved Magic with A 1.6 was rolling, YIR! But still no danish qwerty-keyboard and now I don't even have my danish dictionary any more, crap. But to day i found to obvious solution, Android Marked. A kind soul told me that I could just search the Android Marked for a danish qwerty-board and a danish dictionary. Search search search.... PLING... Keyboard and dictionary found and dl in 30 sec. Quick setup of the keyboard and now I'm rolling wind texting i danish.

Thank you Android Marked

So a word of advise for the next time for you and me, go to the marked

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